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This is the official website for the West Phoenix High School Thunderbirds Class of 1965

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Thunderbirds !

Please keep us current on your contact information.


WHAT AN AWESOME WEEKEND!  " '65 Come Alive" was in full force!  T-Birds, you are invited to post any photos you may have taken at the 50th Reunion gathering here on this website. Click on the "Thunderbird Photos" link in the left margin of this page. There, you will find instructions to get your photos uploaded and posted for all to see. Be sure to caption each of the pictures uploaded.  Please feel free to contact Kathryn Bethards if you experience any problems or have questions. 

SPECIAL REQUEST for any pictures of the Memorabilia and Gone Too Soon Displays

PLEASE PLEASE identify those in the pictures.  With some people it was really critical to have the name tags at the functions over the weekend!



Thoughts on Turning 70

1. Really?

2. What does three score and 10 really mean?

3. When Keats was my age he'd been dead for 44 years.

4. I still have most of my hair and many teeth.

5. Thirty percent of older men don't have benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate).

6. If global warming isn't stopped, it won't affect me.

7. You have to admire American ingenuity. Someone convinced people it's reasonable to pay $4 for a cup of coffee with cream.

8. Mick Jagger is 75, but he can still dance.

9. Latest news is saturated fats are OK; I"ll have a cheeseburger.

10. You can find out how to cremate yourself online.

11. Growing old gracefully is overrated.

12. A real friendship is still life's greatest achievement. (I think I like this one best.)

From:The Denver Post


•   Thomas Kendall


•   Thomas Kendall  11/21
•   Cheri Stallings (LaBarbera)  11/21
•   Michael John Webb  9/23
•   Dave Hiddessen  9/20
•   Susan Erb (Stollsteimer)  9/19
•   Fred Nelson  8/31
•   Carl LeSueur  7/23
•   Janet Haire (Brown)  7/14
•   Patricia (Pat) Ann Vail (Ramos)  7/13
•   Candace McGowan (Davis)  7/5
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•   Samuel Aston  12/9
•   Jo Kay Johnson (Kessler)  12/10
•   Deborah Zellmer (Michels)  12/11
•   John E. Milner  12/12
•   Judith Baker (Wendt)  12/13
•   Gary Josephson  12/14
•   Kathy Dyson (Kasper)  12/15
•   Kenneth S. Vanosky  12/15
•   Terry Palmer  12/17
•   Keith Nelson  12/20
•   Harry Fraser Wilkins  12/22
•   Alan Bruce Wheatman  12/23
•   Elizabeth Harrison (Burks)  12/24
•   Sandra Firestein (Garvey)  12/25
•   Patrick J. Feeney, Jr.  12/28
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1 lives in Alabama
272 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
39 live in California
8 live in Colorado
6 live in Florida
3 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
4 live in Idaho
2 live in Illinois
5 live in Indiana
1 lives in Iowa
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Louisiana
2 live in Maine
4 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
3 live in Michigan
2 live in Missouri
4 live in Nevada
2 live in New Mexico
4 live in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
3 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
8 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in Tennessee
9 live in Texas
6 live in Utah
1 lives in Virginia
9 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Costa Rica
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in United Kingdom
90 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Thunderbirds: 53.9%

A:   280   Joined
B:   239   Not Joined